Friday, September 2, 2011

Ophelia Bitz!

For all of you who attended April's Champagne Circus you would have encountered a larger than life character, notorious for her heathen sense of humour, and wicked, wicked ways. 
Our Ring Mistress Ophelia Bitz is back in Helsinki on October 8th bringing with her more sordid tales of desire, depravity, and songs of seduction and scandal, whilst maintaining her enviable charisma and dashing sense of humour.
We are SO excited to have her back, she was one of the stars of April's show, and she hasn't let us forget it in a hurry. I'm sure those in attendance will remember Bitz's kiwi fruit exploits for a very long time to come, indeed...

Not only is Ophelia Bitz an international show girl of the highest esteem. She also has recently won a flying gold penis trophy at The Erotic Awards, London for Sexy Comedienne of the year! 

(The Erotic Awards are run by charity Outsiders, to celebrate sex workers, activists, writers and artists, and to raise awareness of the rights of people with physical disabilities. Founded by Tuppy Owens the awards serve as a fund-raiser and party.)

Ophelia produces a phenomenal cultural event celebrating sexual diversity, antique pornography, ethical consumption of contemporary pornography , cabaret and comedy! The event is called ArtWank, and you can read more about it here; ART WANK!!!!

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