Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lada Redstar!

Here we have another larger than life character performing for us all at October's Champagne Circus! The lascivious Lada Redstar!

Lada is glamour personified. She's quite simply fabulous, and is one of the most influential burlesque artists of her generation - her couture costumes are outstanding. And, she has the intimate, timeless sex appeal akin to the classic divas of the silver screen. She's the ultimate showgirl. 
In Burlesque you can't be sexy, or entertaining without a touch of dry humour, poise and timing. Lada has all three down to a very fine art indeed! 

For the Champagne Circus, Lada Redstar will be performing two very special acts that haven't yet been seen in Helsinki:

Photos by Lorenzo Paxia, and Neil Kendall.

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