Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The First Photos....

A HUUUUGGGE Thank You to everyone who participated in the first ever Champagne Circus! It was such a wonderful evening. The venue looked exquisite, the cast fantastic and the audience were on top form!

And my personal thanks go out to; Tinttu Henttonen, Fiona Timantti, Tintti of SMFR, Saara Salmi, Marco Melander and the ever beautiful Pilvi Partanen for helping everyone to their seats.

I'm certainly planning to do another, perhaps in November, so please watch this space!

Over the next week or so I'll be adding photos of the event to this blog. These photos have been taken by Finnish photographer Jari B Miettinen. Enjoy!

The photos are of: (in no particular order)

Ophelia Bitz,
LouLou D'vil,
Missy Macabre,
Edwin Flay
The Baron,
Ophelia Bitz,
LouLou D'vil,
Edwin Flay,
Ophelia Bitz,
Missy Macabre
Empress Stah

Missy x

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