Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missy Macabre - The Sideshow Sweetheart!

THE SIDESHOW SWEETHEART! Missy Macabre will be breaking hearts and bottles on stage at the Champagne Circus, and we can't wait! Missy is an international circus sideshow performer hailing from London, UK.

Dubbed as ‘Sideshow Royalty’ by UK press, Missy is renowned for bringing class and elegance to the world of Circus Sideshow – a world where such aesthetics are often neglected. Missy is intent on constantly pushing the creative boundaries of sideshow art, focusing on theatricality, hilarity, eroticism, and juxtaposition. She is renowned for her incredibly unique and innovative combination of sideshow stunts, theatricality and amazing vintage inspired costumes on stage, and for shows such as  “The Bath of Broken Glass”.

Missy performs acrobatic routines in bath tubs full of broken glass, sits inside boxes of nails, boxes of broken glass, stands on beds of nails, and dances on broken glass. She performs the human blockhead, mental floss, human chopping board. 
She can eat broken glass, put cigars out on her tongue, and is an extremely capable fire performer! 

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