Monday, February 28, 2011

The Baron

The Finnish Prince of Hearts, the Scandinavian strongman! The Baron! The Baron will be lifting 30KG of cold, solid steel from his nipples. A feat rarely achieved in today's contemporary circus world. And, not only will he be lifting weight from his nipples, ears, nose... and EYES - The Baron will also be charming the ladies, the gentlemen and anyone in between, as he casually hammers 4inch nails into his nasal cavity whilst sporting his notorious leopard skin pants.

The Baron is one of our favourite classic Sideshow performers of all time. His presentation skills have brought countless, international audiences back to the time when performing was without a doubt, about showmanship, and skill.

Having toured 'The Old World' for over ten years, having this legendary circus veteran on the Stage at Vanha Ylioppilastalo will be an honour and a privilege indeed!

The Baron is also an original cast member of; The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus - 

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